Into the Velnswood

Session Two

The Capture of Spugnoir the Sorcerer

The characters discover a secret meeting at the Korvoc Trader Post. They set out to explore The Ruined Moathouse outside town and expose Spugnoir as a sorcerer and spy.

Player Characters

Zarathustra the changeling, level 1 elf (played by Sarah)
Whitewood the merchant, level 1 specialist (played by Jonny)
Roshaan the scholar, level 1 magic-user (played by Dave)
Uurgest the barbarian, level 1 fighter (played by Hannah)
Troll Osteen the Templar, level 1 cleric (played by Steve)

Characters met:

Father Tenjon, head priest at The Church of Saint Cuthbert
Father Colmert, junior priest at The Church of Saint Cuthbert
Father Skudra, priest at The Shrine of Saint Ilya
Ostler Gundigoot, innkeeper at the [[Horst and Grabel Inn]]
Spugnoir the monk, exposed as a sorcerer
Rannos Davl and Gremag, the merchant traders at the Trading Post
Reeve Burno, the reeve and Lord Vernobonc's representative in the village
 Elder Rufus, the ancient village elder

Game Summary

Sunday, September 12, 1255

Like every Sunday, the people of the village split into two groups: the smaller group of German settlers head to the Church of Saint Cuthbert for mass, while the majority of the village go to the small Shrine of Saint Ilya

Zarathustra and Uurgest spotted some people suspiciously sneaking through town who ended up at the trader post. They arrived just in time to see Spugnoir, a monk staying at the inn, slip into the closed shop. The conversation the characters overheard centered around outlaws using The Ruined Moathouse as a hideout. They were especially worried about the new strangers in town (the PCs) and how they might disrupt their plans. They were planning to warn Lareth , their leader at the hideout, and try to infiltrate the PCs' party to see what was going on with them. 

The PCs decide to travel to the Moathouse, and Spugnoir, overhearing the plans, joins them. They travel the few miles through the marshy flood plains to the half-sunken moathouse. There, Whitewood began to sneak up on the ruins while the others waited back. Suddenly he was pulled into the moat by a giant frog. He managed to get out of the water just in time for Spugnoir to attempt to warn the moathouse. Confronted, Spugnoir attempted to enchant the group into falling asleep, but Zarathustra was able to punch him in the throat, and he was quickly subdued. 

Marching the sorcerer into town, the characters arrived at the guard tower. Reeve Burno rushed out with men and arrested the sorcerer, after seeing the evil spellbook the man carried. Roshaan was sent to the church to notify them of the witchcraft, and four soldiers sent to the trading post to arrest Rannos Davl and Gremag. 

Shortly after, calls came out and a runner sped through town declaring the merchants had escaped and all four soldiers were murdered!


Spellbook of Spugnoir (Roshaan)



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